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Systeme Autonome en 12 V

Ecological and efficient drive solutions for the motorisation of privacy and sun protection without electricity

RolSolar - Autonomous drive systems for roller shutter motorisation

The drive system RolSolar is powered by solar energy and thus represents a particularly sustainable solution for the automation of roller shutters. Summer houses and garages in peripheral locations, old buildings and extensions ... often a missing mains connection at the window leads to the fact that motorization is not used. RolSolar uses the power of the sun and brings more comfort and security into your home.

Looks complicated, but it's very simple

The drive system RolSolar consists of DC drive, solar panel, battery and plug connection. From a wide range of products, the specialist company selects a product bundle that is tailored to the local conditions.
The assembly of RolSolar is very easy - with the Plug&Play variants D+ even the end positions are self-learning.

For further information you can download the current RolSolar flyer.


Control using radio transmitters or − thanks to Centero Home − with the aid of a smartphone or a tablet makes the innovative system comfortable and user-friendly. The power-saving, bidirectional ProLine 2 DC radio system ensures minimal standby consumption and provides reliable feedback.

You can find out more about the comfortable operation of home automation by smartphone or tablet here.


Solar-powered comfort for the patio

Constantly having to use a crank handle with a cassette awning is bothersome but there is no mains electricity supply for hard-wired motorisation? With its solar-powered motor SunTop-868 DC, elero offers the ideal retrofitting solution for awnings with no mains supply. The sun shade can be moved comfortably at the push of a button using a hand-held radio transmitter.

A radio sensor – also solar-powered – ensures that the awning is extended independently when dictated by solar radiation levels and retracted again in the event of strong winds. The solar-powered drive from elero may be installed quickly and easily.


Upgrade awning with a solar drive system from elero

So as to install the drive the crank mechanism and fabric shaft end caps first have to be removed. The engineer then pushes the elero drive SunTop-868 DC into the shaft with the suitable adapter and actuator, before the end caps are screwed in place once the motor mounting has been positioned.


Before the solar panel is installed, it is placed in the sun so as to charge extra energy. In the meantime the specialist installation company determines the ideal location for the panel. In this respect, optimum solar radiation and proximity to the drive are the decisive factors. The 12 V DC drives from elero are simply connected to the respective solar panel. The manufacturer provides suitable versions for awnings, roller shutters and venetian blinds. The drive can be operated using hand-held or wall-mounted transmitters or automatically using sensors.


The light and wind sensor Aero 868 Plus from elero independently retracts the awning in the event of strong winds and thus protects it against damage. Likewise the awning is extended if there is a high level of solar radiation, thus shading the patio and the bank of windows. The specialist installation company places the sensor as close as possible to where wind and light conditions are identical.


Afterwards the installation engineer completes the teaching-in process for the single-channel hand-held transmitter LumeroTel 2 and the drive, programming the stop positions for the awning. With this radio control the shading may be operated comfortably at the touch of a button.


The elero solar drive system SunTop-868 DC thus combines comfort with energy efficiency, ensuring enhanced living comfort without using any electricity at all.

An overview of the solar drive and control systems with accessories from elero can be found here.

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