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China Resources Tower

Automatisation des stores/brise-vues

Objet: China Resources Tower
Site: Shenzhen, China

The China Resources Tower, also known as Spring Bamboo, with its 392 metres of height is the third landmark in Shenzen, in the Guangdong region of China. It combines more than 268.000 square metres of offices, retail, residential, public, and green spaces with the city's waterfront, thus reinvigorating the urban context. The tower, flagship of the internationally renowned practice KPF, embodies a design that stands out for its innovative character and geometric purity, conveying a cultural message about the company's history and growth. Inspired by the winter bamboo bud, the lightweight structure enables column-free interiors that fully meet the needs of a diversified business. The sky room, located at the top of the tower, is a conical space similar to a cathedral that offers visitors a breath-taking view of the spire; China Resources Tower is in fact one of the rare skyscrapers in the world where visitors can reach the highest point.

Nice, with the installation of 4.100 units of Era Inn Action tubular motors for the automation of solar shading systems, perfectly responds to the demanding requirements of ideal light management, without restricting the 360° view of the building.