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Smart Home

Smoke-Control signals an alarm by sound and visual fl ashing and by sending Z-Wave control commands. The optical sensor already detects smoke at an early stage of the fire. In addition, the device has a built-in, programmable temperature sensor. Smoke-Control can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The LED indicator signals fires and the operating mode and can be used to see if the device is within a Z-Wave network.


  • Optical smoke detection (already at a very early stage of the fire)
  • Integrated temperature sensor (signals when a defined temperature threshold is exceeded)
  • Alarm is signalled by loud noises, visual display and the transmission of Z-Wave control commands
  • Smoke-Control can be integrated into automatic processes via the Z-Wave network in connection with Yubii Home – alarm scene: e.g. opening roller shutters, switching on light, message on the smart phone
  • Battery operated
  • Compact, attractive design
  • Three sensitivity levels of the sensors according to EN 14604:2005
  • Built-in detector for housing opening
  • Built-in Z-Wave range tester
  • Wireless software update
  • Self-test function, which can also be performed manually to test the operation of the Smoke-Control
  • Efficiency test is automatically carried out every ten seconds to detect potential malfunctions
  • Supports the following Z-Wave network security mode:
    S0 with AES-128 encryption
  • Not suitable for installation near moisture or dust
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  • Smoke-Control

    Smoke sensor

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